Ashley Elizabeth is an international worship leader, songwriter, and speaker whose passion for God is contagious and evident in her life and ministry. Ashley’s intimate worship flows from a well of life experiences. She creates an atmosphere where people can dive deeper into worship, prayer, and relationship with God.

Ashley’s heart is to see people set free, healed, and walking in a life of abundance.  She ministers in her home church and also travels throughout the US leading worship and speaking for services, retreats, conferences, and other events.

Ashley has pioneered Jesus and Coffee Time which livestreams Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings on social media worldwide.  “JCT” has developed into a community of believers and serves as a vehicle for evangelism.  For more information on “JCT” please visit:  Jesus and Coffee Time

Ashley is currently recording her debut album, “Simplicity”.  Title songs include: Your Kingdom First, I Believe, No Backing Down, Beautiful Words, Laying it Down, Rainbows, Miracles and Wonders, and Stolen My Heart. Subscribe via email to keep up-to-date.

For more information or to book Ashley please visit: Booking.