How it started

  • It all began in the basement . . .
  • The home Ashley was blessed with back in 2016 contains a wood shop built in the basement by the previous owner.  At first, Ashley had no idea what to use the shop for, so it became a storage area.  Little did she know that God would soon call her to begin hand making Christian jewelry and designing faith-based artwork to help support the work of her ministry, AEM.  And so, the shop went from a forgotten storage area to a place reclaimed for the glory of God.
  • Today, Ashley has prayerfully crafted dozens of unique sterling silver, copper and stainless steel Christian jewelry designs for both women and men.  It is her sincere desire that people across the world will boldly #wearthegospel and share the love of Jesus with all those who they encounter.
  • In the future, God has given Ashley the vision to expand AEM’s jewelry operations to provide housing, food, and vocational opportunities to women who have been harmed by domestic violence and human trafficking—empowering them on their journey of healing and restoration.
  • So shop with us and #rockyourfaith today!

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